Structure of Number Theoretic Graphs

2018-2023Advisor: Dr. Joshua Holden
Senior Thesis at Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyInvestigating the structure of graphs such as the square-sum graph. In particular, seeking to prove that there is a smallest square-sum graph without a Hamiltonian path. My 2021 JMM poster on my progress is available here.

Hints and Guidance in Discovery Learning

2020Advisor: Márta BarbaricsCollaborator: Bailey Johnson
Research Course with Budapest Semesters in Math EducationConducting experiments with students regarding the balance between guidance and freedom to optimize problem solving and discovery in mathematics education. We presented our research at the Tamás Varga Methodological Days, a conference based in Budapest but online due to COVID, in November 2020.

Rational Points on Curves

2018-2019Advisor: Dr. Timothy All
Research Course at Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyDetermining whether rational points on certain curves (circles especially) are equidistributed when given a natural enumeration. My 2019 JMM poster on the project is available here. The poster won the MAA Outstanding Poster award.

Chaos in Celestial Mechanics

2018Advisor: Dr. David Finn
Research Course at Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyInvestigating trajectories in space which could be used to transmit materials relying on gravity instead of fuel.

Influence in Referendum Elections

2018Advisor: Dr. Jonathan HodgeCollaborators: Benjamin Becker, Colby Brown, Kaleigh Roach
NSA & NSF Funded REU at Grand-Valley State UniversityInvestigating the structure of digraphs used to model influence in voting theory. Colby Brown and I gave a talk on this work at Mathfest 2018, and earned the MAA Outstanding Presentation award for it. I gave a seminar talk on the work at Rose-Hulman. The slides from that talk are available here

Asteroid Photometry

2017-2018Advisor: Dr. Richard Ditteon
Research Course at Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyDeveloping light curves from CCD images to determine periods of revolution for minor planets. This work resulted in two publications in the Minor Planet Bulletin.