Displayed here are some of my more "serious" long term projects. Some of my art is available on Redbubble, for purchase on Physical Objects. Other art (sometimes rather memey) can be found on my Tumblr.


April 2021.
On the surface, I probably seem like I prioritize math. On the inside, I also mainly think about math. No secrets here, you know what I'm about.

Natural & Digital

October 2019.
Order in and beyond nature. Organically mathematical, but purely digital.
Two of these pieces were included in the Bridges 2020 JMM exhibition. Click the titles of the pieces for better resolution.
Created with basic, individually repeated, manual transformations.

Field Fractals

August 2019.
Ten photographs of corn, soybeans, and wind turbines in Central Illinois, overlaid with fractals made from Tubbs & Co. wood type, found in the Internet Archive. Original photographs on left. Wood type here. Use the arrows to explore all ten!

Coming Out of the Kleinbottle

June 2019.

The Gender Fractal

June 2019.
These two are for all of the queer mathematicians. Math is ours as much as anyone else's.

The Leemur Tales

May 2019.
A fractal of lemur tails and eyes, burned into wood. Displayed in my undergraduate math department during my hiatus for medical treatment, as a reminder that this was just one step in my tale, and I will be back, and I will move on after that as well.
One of many pieces from a math and art class taught at Rose-Hulman. My professor's presentation on lessons learned from teaching the class is here, featuring more of my art.